SMARTFENSE is the online Information Security training and awareness platform awarded internationally which creates safe habits in end users.

By applying the latest technological trends and best pedagogical practices in e-leaning and gamification, contents are shown to users in a pleasant and interactive way to achieve a real and permanent change in behavior.

Our platform also includes Phishing and Ransomware simulation components to measure the effectiveness of the actions performed and to know the development of users’ behavior objectively.

SMARTFENSE was created to give a full solution to organizations that are looking for a simple and quick implementation, with a coverage of all the topics and metrics that show behavior changes.

La ayuda recibida por los fondos FEDER, dentro del Programa Operativo FEDER, han colaborado para realizar las traducciones del sitio web institucional de SMARTFENSE y los contenidos de Seguridad de la Información de su plataforma a los idiomas portugués e italiano.

También fueron utilizados para poder realizar acciones de marketing en Portugal como la participación en revistas especializadas en Seguridad de la Información.

Focus on people’s safety