Towards a cybersecurity culture

Noanet’s success story

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In just 2 years, the company Noanet managed to improve the habits of its users thanks to the awareness campaigns created with SMARTFENSE.

“Users no longer fall for traps, even if they may still open the email. Users no longer click on links or download malicious files. Also, many of them contact the IT department to report suspicious cases. This directly demonstrate responsible behavior and changes in habits”.

Jorge Gallardo
Information Security Manager in Noanet

Find out how the use of SMARTFENSE managed to modify the behavior of Noanet's users and reduce the incidence of possible cyberattacks.

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Evolution of user behavior

In 2018, 61% of the users fell for Phishing traps. A year later, 22% of the users knew how to identify malicious emails.. By 2020, 73% of the company's users demonstrated safe behavior.

Benefits of SMARTFENSE, the online Information Security awareness platform

Language adapted to the expressions and idioms of the region.

Predefined content on cybersecurity.

White-label and the possibility to customize all the content.

Single sign-on through different technologies.

​ Learn about all the reasons that led to choosing SMARTFENSE over other solutions, and how was the implementation process of Noanet to achieve a successful awareness plan.

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