Cybercriminals are in wait. Social Engineering attacks are the main threat to information security. In today’s workplace reality, where some users work in a hybrid way between the office and home, or 100% remotely, vulnerabilities are deepening outside the company’s boundaries. It is necessary to strengthen people’s attention and raise awareness on the danger and its consequences.

This Kit provides resources that will help you to plan and strengthen your awareness campaigns with attractive and convincing graphics. Not only will you obtain infographics and posters designed for your users, but also whitepapers and guides intended for your own specialization.

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WEEK 1, from 1 to 7

Let’s pay attention!

Our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology. Practically, all our actions and information, whether personal or professional, go through platforms connected to the Internet. We must take action for our own security.

  • Poster "Virtual Meetings"

    Simple recommendations to carry out online meetings smoothly.

  • Self-diagnosis Kit on Safe Telecommuting

    With a series of very simple questions, know the level of exposure of your company to possible attacks and receive an action plan to mitigate the risks detected.

Week 1 image
Week 2 image

WEEK 2, from 8 to 14

Let’s fight against Phishing

Phishing attacks have escalated since the global pandemic began. They currently represent more than 80% of reported security incidents. Let's think before clicking on any unexpected email or chat message, link, or attachment, and report any suspicious cases!

  • Poster "CEO Fraud"

    Warnings to identify a fraudulent email and how to protect yourself.

  • Quick checklist to create your first Phishing campaign

    Everything you need to launch a Phishing simulation campaign and assess the behavior of your users.


WEEK 3, from 15 to 21

Let’s deepen our knowledge

The cybersecurity field is growing rapidly. More and more specialized professionals capable of facing and preventing new threats are required. Let's encourage continued training and exploration of new careers.

  • Poster "Strong Passwords"

    A simple and effective method to create strong passwords that you will never forget!

  • Whitepaper "How to develop a user-oriented security layer"

    A Hardening process to reinforce safe behaviors and make users the first defense of information.

Week 3 image
Week 4 image

WEEK 4, from 22 to 31

Let’s prioritize Cybersecurity

For companies, this means incorporating safety into products and processes, as well as raising awareness among users. For people, staying alert when they are online. Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility.

  • Poster "Online Purchases"

    Tips to keep in mind before making an online purchase and not falling for cybercriminals’ traps.

  • Whitepaper “Disarming Cybercriminals: Free tools to prevent Social Engineering attacks”

    Resources to evaluate vulnerabilities in your company and recommendations to strengthen your protection barriers.

Let’s raise awareness on the importance of Cybersecurity and ensure that all people and companies have the information and tools that they need to be more secure online.

Let’s celebrate this October!

Good practices

Find out how to create awareness campaigns within your company and define the type of campaign and the most appropriate sending frequency. In the following video, you will find the most important aspects to keep in mind.

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