Integrate the entire management of your training and awareness program, with correlation metrics that allows you to know objectively the degree of effectiveness of your actions.

The training with awareness interactive modules have a professional aesthetic quality, and are pedagogically prepared to achieve permanent changes in users’ habits.

Manage your trainings in an elegant and smart way, and deliver management reports that Management is demanding, in a clear and precise level of detail.

Use them to take decisions on concrete bases and obtain the budget to implement those security measures postponed by Management.

Our SaaS platform includes:

Training with Interactive Modules and Newsletters
Phishing and Ransomware Simulation
Management Metrics and Records for Compliance
Use an elegant platform

Our 100% responsive platform incorporates the best practices in safe web development (OWASP). Deliver a quality product and amaze with the professional design of our tool, designed not only for you to manage, but also for users to enjoy.


If you use our SaaS platform, you will have an extra benefit. It allows you to deliver the training content in a personalized way based on the person’s characteristics. Prove that you understand your people, prove that you are on their side.

Take 100% control

From our platform, you can reach all your organization and take control of trainings, reinforcements by newsletters, and simulated Phishing and Ransomware campaigns. All training modules are delivered from our own company and are 100% customizable.

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