This tool allows you to create simulated Ramsomware traps in a simple and fast way to test people in your organization.

Use predefined traps to plan campaigns in a simple way, or create your own 100% customized trap templates. Our predefined templates are kept updated and include common and innovative strategies used by cybercriminals to distribute Ramsomware.

Obtain management reports and statistics with the current status and users’ progress regarding the assimilation of safe habits.

Illustrative image of Ramsomware Simulation Tool

Our tool will help you to test people’s habits in your organization. Get to know the risk level of your organization against Ramsomware attacks based on results of objective tests.


With a couple of clicks, you will be programming a simulated Ramsomware campaign to test your users. Use our predefined traps and obtain real metrics with minimal effort.

Compare Investment with Results

Use the wide range of reports that the tool provides to justify your investment and demonstrate to CIOs, CEOs and Managers of companies the degree of content assimilation.

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