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Ransomware Cost Calculator

It is a free software tool that allows, from basic input data, to know the costs that an organization would incur in the event of a Ransomware infection.

Self-assessment Kit on Safe Telecommuting

With a series of very simple questions, you can determine the level of exposure of your organization to possible attacks. What is more, it offers best practice recommendations along with an action plan to mitigate the risks detected.

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In our blog, the security manager will find a place where he or she can feel accompanied and provide value to their organization and community. Our posts are written by different columnists and aimed specifically at people. Caution: This blog does not have magical solutions that heal all evils, nor does it state successful cases where everything goes well.

Free tools

We provide you a series of tools that can be useful to learn more about your organization and its exposure to cybercrime.

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Guides and Whitepapers

Under the premise of providing quality information to CISOs, at SMARTFENSE we have developed a series of documents on Information Security issues that we make available for free.

Why raise awareness?

Learn more about the importance of Information Security awareness and training and the benefits that your company can produce, as well as the rules to which you can comply.

Video games

Video games

Playing and learning go together. Game-based learning consists of presenting the contents of a training process through a video game.