The human factor is a cornerstone of security.

Through the right training, your employees will be aware of security and its importance both in their organization and at home.

Moreover, they will be able to identify and prevent incidents that they face every day through good practices assimilated naturally and entertainingly.

By focusing safety on people, organizations reduce security controls and have a positive impact at work.


If your organization is required to train its employees, our contents will reach all the topics that your organization needs. Also, it will have evidence and metrics that demonstrate the actions performed and the continuous improvement process.

This, together with the acceptable use policy, will allow you to be calm, knowing that you have full coverage regarding the protection measures referred to the human resources of your organization.
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The security measures that organizations take are usually focused on technical tools and not on people.

For this reason, cybercriminals prefer to target their attacks on users, taking advantage of unsafe human behaviors, thus bypassing any security barrier based on software or hardware.

In most situations, technology fails to support users to help them make the right decision when they receive suspicious messages.

Mitigating the Risk of Phishing When Technical Security Controls Fail - Gartner - 2019

Focus on people’s safety