The purpose of this guide is to present different countermeasures that can be used to reduce the risk of potential Ransomware infections or, if necessary, to try to reduce their impact by recovering the affected files.

First of all, it is explains why malware is a growing and increasingly complex business. Then, a list of 22 procedures to avoid infections is described: backing up information, raising awareness among users, applying a least privilege model, among many other security measures.

Finally, they are described the methods for recovering the encrypted information and the legal, criminal and civil liability aspects.

OWASP Guide to avoid RANSOMWARE infections

It is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that works to generate methodologies, documents, tools and technologies for free use.


This high-quality guide in Spanish allows you to understand how it works and how to defend yourself against this revolutionary cybercrime through useful, accurate and up-to-date information.


From SMARTFENSE, we express our pride to be part of the group of authors of this guide and we strongly recommend its reading.