With this type of malware being the most attractive to cybercriminals because of its high economic return, waiting for them to compromise our organization would be too risky.
SMARTFENSE's Ransomware Simulator will allow you to know whether or not your network is vulnerable to possible attacks.

Because it is a simulation, it is an action that does not need to be tested in real scenarios or put your organization at risk.

You will observe the behavior of different types of Ransomware on the device of your choice, in order to know, in a safe and controlled way, which encryption techniques are successful and which are not.

How to develop a user-oriented security layer

Your organization and your devices will not suffer any damage and you will be able to protect them in the future.


Ransomware attacks leave affected companies paralyzed and suffering large monetary losses.

100% Simulation

You will be able to measure the behavior of devices against possible attacks and thus know the organization's risk level.